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Tori Spelling Invites You To Her House
Celebrities have done some stupid things over the last few weeks, but this newest and dumbest thing I've heard in the last 36 hours or so (and that says a lot). In a strange move, Tori Spelling has decided to host a garage sale inviting the entire population of Studio City. When you are a celebrity of the past or present, you should know not to put your address on a public forum such as the internet. There is a good chance that a site like this one may just repost the ad for it's thousands of readers to see, thus bombarding your home with celeb seekers and people who have wondered what the fuck has happened since you fell off the Earth. Hell...Maybe readers of sites like this will post bulletins on their myspace pages to all of their friends, thus creating a crowd larger than that at Best Buy on Black Friday. Regardless of what was done, one can only be left to figure out why a celebrity would do such a thing. I assume it's due to one of the following reasons:   

A. She's broke and doesn't have a computer with internet access. Daddy finally cut her off and now she needs to pay off the bills by selling some family heirlooms.
B. She has a computer with internet access, but she hasn't figured out how to put her goods for sale on Ebay. Finding that "sell" button can be difficult when you're a talentless D-list celebrity with blonde roots.
C. She's a falling star, and wants to see if she can find herself a celebrity stalker to get her in the newspaper once again. It did wonders for John Lennon's career, right?
D. She's dumb enough to think that there are no old "Donna Martin" fans out that aren't amazingly whacked out.

If you are in Studio City over the weekend (and you're not a lunatic), than this invite is for you:

"Tori invites you into her house to shop her dazzling valley home, jewelry & closets contents sale. This represents much of her last 15 years of buying & collecting. Included are antique & vintage items from the 19th, 20th, & 21st centuries! French, Italian, Continental, American white wicker, shabby chic, and traditional furniture, crystal chandeliers & sconces, pictures & paintings, lamps, vanity, Tori’s personal jewelry, bric-a-brac, memorabilia, garden & patio, designer & casual clothes, shoes, accessories, photos, etc.
Friday & Saturday, December 8th & 9th 9AM to 5PM

Monday, December 11th 9AM to 5PM

Monday is sales & pick-up day

11369 Dona Lisa Dr., Studio City 91604

Off of Laurel Canyon and Dona Pegita Dr.

Thomas Guide: 562-J7

We expect crowds and a long line.

Parking is good but expect to walk."

Be sure to check back tomorrow on this site to see what items Tori Spelling will have for sale. I know some of you sickos are hoping she's got a wardrobe sale going as well, as I know you'd love to get your hands on a pair of panties that Donna Martin wore while shooting scenes for 90210... Just for memorabilia sakes of course, right? PERVERT! Speaking of perverts, let's get a look at some of Tori Spelling's best pictures!

Tori Spelling Spreads Her LegsTori Spelling's Fake TitsTori Spelling In Her Panties
Tori Spelling Nipple SlipHome Photo Of Tori SpellingTori Spelling Upskirt
Posted on 08 Dec 2006 by Sherm
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